Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) revival July 2009

Is this version of XP really "Superior" to others ?
When you buy XP x64 Edition from Microsoft you'll get a rather old CD. So you
go to the Windows Update website and find out you need to update your system
with hundreds of patches, new drivers and so on. This update-process creates a
lot of extra slack on your harddisk, backups of previous versions of numerous
system-files and drivers, and roll-back options you'll never use, remain there.
Superior XP (SXP64) already has the latest versions of system-files built-IN,
ALL official XP x64 updates released until June 10 2009 are fully integrated!
Some parts of the original Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition were
bound to go wrong for most users, or were never being used, so these facts have
been considered creating SXP64, causing the removal of many files and updating
of the registry. All is improved in so many ways that it warranted a freshly
created install image to get better speeds and a more reliable daily workflow.
If your CPU and motherboard support x64 (64 bit), then this might
very well be the fastest Desktop/Workstation system you can find!

What also makes this install-image superior is the fact that many storage media
controller drivers are already integrated. This means you can install this OS
directly on new RAID/S-ATA/AHCI and SSD hardware without trouble or errors.


I n t e g r a t e d (pre-installed) into this XP64 release :

- Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, with add-ons ConfigMania and AdBlockPlus
- Flash-player
- Shockwave
- Sun Java JRE 6u14 i586 & x64

- Internet Explorer 8 (plus all security updates and some settings we prefer)

- Windows Media Player 11
plus IE8 and Firefox plugins, extra smooth/safe with tweaks.

- Quicktime Lite 2.90

- K-Lite Codec Pack (klmcodec485)

- PSPad (5/12/2009) -> Brilliant freeware Text Editor, replacing Notepad.
Better than Editpad, textpad, notepad2 or notepad++
( notepad.exe is still there, under folder \Base\ )

- Total Commander 7.04a (king of filemanagers, with 7zip and iso-mount plugins)

- WinRAR 3.9 x64

- JKDefrag64 (replaces the Disk Defragmentation tool from MS)

- ERUNT -> Auto-backups state of registry, this crucial tool in essence
replaces System Restore, and works a LOT better! Info on using ERUNT:

- Autoruns (right-click My Computer) -> Much better than using MSConfig

- PuTTy -> 64 bit SSH client, replacing telnet and hyperterminal.

- DirectX 9.26.1590 (64 bit & 32 bit)
Note that DirectX 10 for XP64 (plus a 9-10 Switcher tool)
can be found via the \Superior\ folder on your Desktop !

- Cool Themes ( the Themes service needs to be started ) ..
* Embedded Theme from “Windows Embedded Standard CTP Refresh.”
* Energy Blue Theme Pack from Kelsenellenelvian's True Royale Addon.
* Royale Noir from Kelsenellenelvian's Royale Noir addon.
* Tablet PC Style adapted from MrNxDmX's Tablet PC Style Energy Blue Theme
Addon Pack with WMP10 Skin & Fedora Inverse.
* Zune Theme from ricktendo64's Zune Theme addon.
* Windows Aero Shadow mouse pointer scheme from Windows Vista.
(note that wallpapers have been replaced by some of our own)

UXTheme.dll has been patched, you can install any theme you want!

- Some more gorgeous unique Desktop Wallpapers included.

- Useful extra Fonts and Cursors!
We really LOVE these effective and lightweight cursors. And we work with this
font-set because these are the ones we prefer. We've seen too many systemfonts
not to know what's best for us. We also think the desktop background is really
cool and warm and has depth. We don't want fancy-ass useless bullshit on our
screens, we need our machines to work for us, deliver quality and save time,
not be paintings on the wall. So, still think we could give a rats ass about
YOUR taste? Please design your own OS and push out your (ugly) preferences.


Any driver available for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition works in SXP64.
SOME drivers, BUT NOT ALL, are included and compatible hardware is checked
during installation. Only drivers for your hardware will be installed.


Intel, Realtek, Broadcom, Atheros ethernet/wireless drivers,
Gigabyte and many Intel chipsets/boards essentials.

All Intel(R) SATA AHCI RAID Controllers (Version
JMicron JMB36X RAID Processor (latest!)

Forceware 182.85 WHQL XP 64 (all known NV GeForce videocards supported)
Ethernet Driver (v67.89) WHQL
SATAIDE Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQL
SATARAID Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQL
SMU Driver (v1.61) WHQL
GPU Driver (v181.51) WHQL
SMBus Driver (v4.69) WHQL
Away Mode Driver (v6.0.6000.107) WHQL

All Windows core drivers, AnalogDevices/Realtek Media, HD and SoundMax,
but NO other extra audio-chipset drivers are integrated !

Still missing drivers?

Try and or ask the manufacturer
of your hardware brand about XP x64 drivers. They should supply them.
In most cases Windows 2003 x64 (server) and Vista x64 drivers work in SXP64 too.


- Windows Search 4.0 (don't know anyone who uses it..)
- MS Silverlight (pfff..)

- Windows File Protection = DISABLED, but security catalogs still in tact!

- Indexing Service = Disabled.

The following have been REMOVED (looks like more than it really is!) :

# Applications #
Accessibility Options, Briefcase, ClipBook Viewer, All Games,
Defragmenter (replaced by JKdefrag!)
WordPad -> Get OpenOffice instead:

# Multimedia #
AOL ART Image Format Support, Images and Backgrounds, Mouse Cursors,
Movie Maker, Music Samples, Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder

# Network parts #
Some Communication tools, Internet Information Services (IIS),
MSN Explorer, Windows Messenger,
Peer-to-Peer (see
^- does not have influence on normal P2P (µTorrent, randpeer, Tor etc.)

# Operating System Options #
Administration Tools Pack and Templates, Document Templates,
Color Schemes, Windows Tour, DR Watson,
File and Settings Wizard, File System Encryption (try TrueCrypt instead!),
IExpress Wizard, MS Agent, Out of Box Experience (OOBE),
Private Character Editor, Search Assistant (who ever uses this?),
Security Center (Windows Firewall is still there!),
User Account Pictures (use your own)

# Services #
Alerter, Messenger, Simple TCP/IP Services, System Restore Service,
Telnet (telnet.exe removed as well, try typing putty at Run


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